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The “Environment Management Strategy” will allow ARCHES to expand its reach into the community and help divert resources such as police and Fire/EMS from being called upon to clean up drug-related debris. With the Peer Employment Program, current and former drug users can assist in the cleanup endeavour and receive a monetary benefit in the process. “It will provide some meaningful employment for those individuals which is very helpful,” said Bourque. Individuals can sign up in the morning and will be given personal protective equipment, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety training they would need to pick up biohazardous materials within the community. “Then once they’ve done that – they will have a biohazardous container they can fill up – we will reimburse them $20 per 5.4 litre container that they bring back to the organization,” said Bourque. ARCHES will also set up a hotline for community members and businesses to report drug-related debris for pickup. The hotline will operate daily between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. There are multiple reports of needle debris daily from across the city with heavy concentrations in the downtown area, said Bourque. ARCHES receives some of the calls, but police and Fire/EMS are receiving the bulk of them. With a dedicated hotline, ARCHES staff can attend more of the calls.

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